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FTTx Network Planning And Design

GeobyteSolution Engineering Services

It provides qualified and certified CAD/GIS professionals who can assist you with all your GIS and mapping needs. Our professionals are qualified in various CAD/GIS software such as QGIS, AUTOCAD Map3D, Geostruct.

Examples of the content of our documentation services in the planning process:

– Number of households per building.

– Soil / surface conditions (determines the cost of digging)

– Material list required for the project (rohr, cable ext…)

All of this can mean huge differences in costs, even for projects of equal size and area.

Planning Process


Basic Planning

Determination of the address base
database processing
Get of customer parameters
potential analysis


Master Planning

Gross Network Planning
Digital Mapping
Optimized routing
Cost Estimation
High Level Design


Design Planning

On-site mapping
street side exact
Detailed planning of the material
Low Level Design
Material and performance list


Detailed Planning

Pipe and fiber occupancy
Detailed planning of the network technology
Planning for the expansion supervision
Approval planning
Expansion documentation